Recently i heard a lot of dispute regarding animals.....our locality is neighboring 6 dogs and few kittens. people do not have any problem with kittens, but i see everyone complaining about dogs. unfortunately in India there are many stray dogs without home and people refuse to adopt them, just because of their breed.

Although i have a great love and respect for dogs, i still fail to understand them sometimes. the stray dogs in my locality stay on the street and often puppies are run over by cars. its heartening when this happens and more heartening to see them. few days ago i was researching for pet homes and i found very cool and convenient homes for pets, so i thought i'll build my future puppies a new home especially when breeding season is near..... but when i build them one with card boards they tore it into a million pieces.

I just wish dogs would be a little grateful to designers, but nonetheless i want to build them again a new home and i hope they appreciate it!!!

Here are some of the cool pet home designs i found on net.....


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