After my post on Durga Puja let me show you some of the glimpses of a village in West Bengal. My village is very simple and peaceful, but has a touch of nature's joy in everything you see and feel....

this was the place where grains were kept. now its out f use.

various utensils used in the puja

rice and "naru"

thermocol jewellery for the gods worn in the hand called  "chandmala"

cool earth beneath my feet......feels so great!!! :)

bishalaxmi temple area

an ordinary hut in my ordinary village

an decorated version of the same hut...this guy just happened to love politics!

when Nature calls...

the thing you see above is a special kind of basket where rice is washed and kept.

few vegies from our farm.

our serving plates for lunch...the plates are called "shal pata" meaning "plates made from shal leaves".
these leaves are attached to one another with the help of sticks, as you can see in the picture. These plates are and used on a use-and-throw basis, they are not permanent. for glasses we had earthen pots called "bhar".

fuel for cooking.

a typical ceiling in one of our rooms.

These are some of the sights which I shared with you. I hope everyone enjoys it....


  1. i just loved ur village..and atmosphere... it appears to be calm and peaceful....i dnt think place is ordinary when u have such nice scenic beauty...dats d extra ordinary thing what we lack in city atmosphere...also..people with great and large hearts make a place extra ordinary..miss these simple thins wich brings so peace.loved ur place n environment... :) :) :):)

  2. its all in the blessings of Ma Durga, she is very powerful....:)

  3. You took me back in time when I used to spend my summer vacations in my village in bengal. I liked the way you captured the whole flavour of the village life. Its nostalgic... Loved it!!!!


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