Fashion Fever

They say that dreams which you see in the morning tend to come true. I often dream of crystal chandeliers, pink Egyptian cotton, diamonds and Manolo Blahnik shoes. But i guess my dream has to wait. However, I do wonder to what extent can a women go for fashion....I have seen Charlotte of Sex and the City taking foot massages to sooth her shoe cravings......But does this happen in real Life!

My birthday was on 24th of May, and I really wanted to take my love for fashion to a next level with these treats! Have a look!

quilt, pearl and roses, a perfect combination.

Jeweled Cakes 

ribbons, a real classic!

Animal prints and Feathers....Autumn mood.

Sweet, Romantic Handbag Fashion

Ribbons again!

Fashion at a raw stage!

Party dress 

Brands at Loose!

Vintage Ethnic fashion



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