Gift wrapping papers are very limited where I stay. Its either the metallic one or the transparent one. A classy paper is very hard to find and moreover wrappers bought from store tear very fast. So I logged into Pinterest and did a web search on all my favorites gift wrapping ideas, which are easy to make and all the materials are available at home. All you need is a little imagination!!!!

Edible wrapping with Candy Canes

Simple wrapping from old calenders

calender wrapping

brown paper wrapping with origami bows. you can make the bow in the following page....

Hand sketched tags to go with brown wrapping......

Dried flower wrapping

chalkboard wrapping

Buttons.........very easily available at home!

Creative bows......Go to the link for more information

cut work art

lace and other things.....

jute string, ribbons and clay medallion....

button art

Another edible wrapping! Yum


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