My latest obsession.........Conchita Wurst. Let me show you a picture of her first!

A friend of mine first showed me her fashion show in Jean Paul Gaultier, autumn winter 2014. I was soon smitten by her bearded woman like appearances. My first question was, "Is she a boy or a girl?". My friend told me that Conchita is a boy, but she wears a drag persona and calls herself Conchita Wurst.
Conchita with Jean Paul Gaultier
I soon Googled her and found a whole lot of amazing personas.......Conchita was born as Tom Neuwirth and hes my age!!! :p Shes a great singer and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Her song " Rise like a Phoenix" is a must watch. Here's the video, take a look!

I also saw an interview of her at the Grahan Norton Show. Her words were very defining, especially when she talks about her struggle to fit into the real world. I personally think that all people who are different has gone through this struggle- about not fitting in. As a child I too was humiliated, bullied about who I was and the fact that I was not like everyone else, bothered people too much. They couldn't really accept that I was different. After hearing her words, I feel as if I could connect with her, after all its all about creating your own game!

Too much words, so I will just let the images do the talking. Conchita, the world is waiting for you to be brilliant! You are an inspiration and an image to the "not fitting in" people.

Conchita after and before

Conchita after winning Eurovision Song Contest 2014


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