My Restaurant Review : Only Alibaba Gold,
Park Circus Area   
28 A, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Park Circus Area, Kolkata

My visit to Alibaba was date night for me, after long and tiring office. It was quite unexpected as we thought of having dinner in some other restaurant. But I guess luck favored Alibaba yesterday. So there we were.

As we entered, the only thing we noticed is how clean it was. Even the washrooms were immensely spotless. Before going into food, I must say the service was very welcoming and warm. We had ordered Zafrani Polau and Chicken Shahjahani and both of them were lip smacking delicious!!!! I could eat it everyday, minus the calories.. :p

The rich aroma of the Zafrani Polau was just strong enough to transport you to the era of the Mughal period. You could smell the dry fruits, saffron and mace that were added to the polau. The combination of Chicken Shahjahani with the polau seemed like the marriage of Empereor Shah Jahan and Muntaz. They were meant to be together.

They both complimented each other's richness. I can still taste and smell the food from last night.

For dessert we had, Khubani Ka Mitha, which was a concoction of sweetness topped with dry fruits. It had a very interesting texture, sort of a smashed jelly consistency. The flavour envelopes your tongue and your mouth explodes in sweetness. 

There was also Kulfi served with pistachios. Kulfi is my all time favorite dessert. I loved the creamy texture with a slight hint of vanilla.

Compared to its cheaper counterpart, Alibaba, Only Alibaba was quite interesting. Both restaurants clearly differentiates itself in taste, quality and price. However, I will stick to Only Alibaba for more interesting flavours

For me, it was the best date with best food on the best day. 

PS: Sorry I have no images, we were too busy eating :p

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