My Leftover Bake Dish

It's Wednesday and I skipped office today as I  was having serious pain in my back.  It happens sometimes when my body gets overworked.

It's 6 pm and I thought why don't I give myself a treat, since I'm home.  I had some leftover chicken in the fridge and I thought of making a leftover dish which I can just bake and eat. Not the traditional way but in a easy and effortless way.

So first,  I peeled some potatoes 2 or 3 and chopped it into medium sized pieces. I put these in a baking dish.  I chopped 1 onion,  and put it in the baking dish as well.

In a bowl,  I mixed 3 eggs,  some flour,  about 3 tbsp,  some tomato ketchup and poured it over the baking dish.

I baked the entire thing at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes and my dinner is done.


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