A box without hinges, key, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

The object of my affection, gets mentioned in the epic movie, The Hobbit. Yes, its an egg. The glorious milky and golden colors steals the heart of every kid, young and old. Its an object I always yearned for, but could never get, as I am allergic to it.

All other kids, had it in their lunch boxes, but me, I was always deeply saddened by this fact. I never could fathom how I could be be denied from such an object of beauty. I was always restricted to consume the glorious food. Whenever there was a party or any such occasion, I would steal my way and eat eggs secretly.

The day which had no restrictions on my egg was my birthday. My mother gave me one day of freedom in a year when I could eat all I like and do all I like. Hence it was always more special than everyone. I never cared for gifts that much, but the fact that I could eat eggs from morning to evening, overjoyed me greatly.

Now of course I am more tolerant and the effects of allergies have minimized, I eat it more often. I fancy all sorts of cooked eggs, boiled, half-boiled, poached, fried poached, scrambled, omelette, deviled eggs, and of course all Indian favorite, the classic Bengali egg curry with potatoes. But it is only recently that I found a very new type of egg - "A double yolk egg".
I am not sure whether it is produced naturally or otherwise, but I have it. It quite heavy as a meal. A double yolk egg omelette could fill your tummy up to 4 hours, as it is very high in protein than its normal counterparts.

A double yolk egg

On a winter afternoon a midst rain, I had khichdi, double yolk egg omelette, fried papadum and a slice of fried eggplant and trust me I didn't feel hungry for 6 hours.

Khichdi, omelette, fried papadum and fried eggplant

The taste of the omelette was so enriching, I immediately overcame with flavours. The rich softness of the yolk made me feel so warm. A deep sense of satisfaction engulfed me soon. I can still feel the texture in my mouth after so many months. I must say it moved me so much, that my cravings have only increased.


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