India is a country filled with dualities. Sometimes the warmth of the people and places with engulf you with love, while at other times the nasty weather, dirt and filth sting like a bee.

With the arrival of monsoons the greenery of my home city becomes lush and although I have to tread a muddy path everyday, my heart is filled with joy. But unfortunately my joy can be expressed only through pictures from Provence, France. I wish I had such beauty and nature filled places in my city. It is such a tragedy that often to define beauty, Indians have to take the the European way.

Well, I always loved greenery, be it in malls, clubs, suburbs....I am where green is. Cobbled pathways, lined with floral vines are very inviting. Specially for a solitary dreamer like me. You get lost in a world of perfumes, pollen, chirping birds and humming bees. I believe places like these are a resting place for souls, just not the dead ones. But the lost soul inside you. It is where you run away with nature.

Provence France, an enchanting view

Provence, France

Mystical Entry, Arles, Provence, France photo via beckee

Garden Path, Provence, France

Cliousclat...a small, non-touristy village in Provence.

Provence, France

Provence, France

Provence, France

Fresh produce, Provence, France

Small flower pots outside a cozy cottage....... just the place to be.


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