With the ongoing Ramadan or Ramzan and the arrival of EID a month later, I thought of writing about modest clothing. As one of my Saudi friend quotes :

"We have been given the explanation about how our dress should be :
- it shouldn't be tight and shouldn't shape our body
- the colour/design should not be attractive such that all eyes would be on you
- it shouldn't imitate men's clothes
- it shouldn't be transparent
So as long as your clothes cover these conditions, they are Islamically correct. "

While many of them think that modest clothing are mainly for the middle eastern societies and are boring, CONSERVATIVE and etc. etc. let me show you how stunning and modern modest clothing can be. Whether you follow Islam or not, modesty such as this is highly attractive.

FW 2013 by Aina Beck - can be worn as it is...

Haider Ackermann Fall 2010 - just imagine how wonderful the collar detailing will look on a Abaya

Hussein Chalayan Fall 2014 - basically it is for winter, but the cut can be substituted in any material.

Maison Martin Margiela - stunning!!!

Minimal and sculptural fashion by fashion designer Tze Goh.

Qiu Hao FW 2011 Serpens by Matthieu Belin - the torso portion is stunning almost like a flower bud


Tze Goh Jacket

Yohji Yamamoto - the raw earthen beauty and the stunning contrast is so attractive. The concept can be applied on a hooded Abaya. A perfect example of class and elegance and simplicity.
I have also seen some great detailing on western garments which can be easily applied to a Abaya, or Jilbab or any other style as a matter of fact.  Small sleeve detailing or neck detailing can make a simple clothing unique. Most women do not understand that one little difference can do magic to your outfits.
Also, I don't understand the fuss about Muslim women wearing a Hijab. Clothes define you but does not stereotype you. What most people do know many cultures and religions have head scarfs like the hijab. Most people in India wear hijabs in the summer, mainly to beat the terrible heat and this includes me. They are super comfortable and protects one from getting dehydrated.

My next blog spot will show the different types of head scarfs from around the world.

People really need to educate themselves more, I mean in the age of technology, lack of awareness is just an option and people thought modest clothing was only for Muslims.

Sleeve detailing of different types. Just a small twist to your boring garment to make it exceptional

Sophisticated and skilled draped shapes seen at JW ANDERSON SS15 collection - the neck detailing is so middle eastern and yet so amazing.  


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