Saturday is basically "No Weekend Saturday" for me. I need to say more. Monday is the day when most people go blank, creatively speaking of course. For me, it is the day when I am full of tiring hangover of a relaxing and stress-free Sunday.

However this Sunday was not really stress-free for me. I had my uncle's funeral, where I slogged from morning to afternoon, attending guest and feeding them with tea and sweets. Tears and anxiety swept the room. The mental stress bogged me down. My eyes ached throughout and I could not sleep. This morning I found myself with dark and baggy eyes.

My terrible physical and mental condition was combined with the fact that my work could no longer make me happy. Oh did I tell you guys, I got a raise of exactly, USD 30.87, it was more like a unwanted and forced charity than a raise.

I see inspirational posters everywhere saying "Surround yourself with people and experiences that inspire you". But alas! it is not meant to be. My drab work, idiotic office people, bad tea, slang and quarrels took the toll on me. I will let these images speak for me further...

Either I will punch myself or break all boundaries!

An identity is a mere reflection.

A lost self, often related to the PTSD syndrome.It makes you feel either "less than" or "more than". Connecting with the lost self that takes time and therapy for some.

Trapped in isolation


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