Puri has always been my second home. I don't remember how many times I have visited Puri, but the journeys were enough to make me miss the place badly. There is something very familiar in the salty winds, the splashing and roaring waves and the unending and unconditional spiritual love that makes me want to come again and again.

Our stay was at the traditional Puri Hotel. My parents and grandparents also stayed here when they came to visit. In spite of its standard rooms and the standard quality of food, people like me, come here again and again, just to go down the memory lane and bond with your past.

My attachment to Puri began when I was a child. I had profound love for Lord Jagannath or Josh, as I used to call him. I used to bath with him, eat with him, dress with him and also took him to bed with me at night, in case he got scared. My mother used to tell me, that I was often spoke to him. He was like my best friend and like a big brother. He guided me, helped me, listened to me and I loved him for that. It took me quite some time to realize that He was a God.

This year it was all the more special. The year 2015 is called " Nabakalebara" or the "new body". It generally means when the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra are freshly made and the old one buried.However I do not have any images related to this. I forgot my camera amidst a wave of spirituality.

This year Puri visit was about endings and new beginnings. God reminds you of how you let go of things from the past that haunt you and move on to a new chapter, waiting to be explored. It is also the time when He shows you how certain people are not wanted in your life and how easy it is to let go of them. Just like a hustle of water on the beach comes and washes your feet away, we must also learn to let go of relations (no matter how close they are to us) and wash our sins away.


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