Gandhi once said, if you want to know the character of a man, always see how he treats his inferiors. When I first read this, I instantly thought of my boss or "bosses" in general. Have you guys seen the movie "Horrible Bosses", then you will know what I mean. My boss however is not exactly the dragon lady type. He is a good boss in a way. But lets not get into this. 

I am talking about those horrible bosses who make the lives of their employees like living hell. Many quit, many take revenge by crashing their hard drives and destroying all the data, but many can take the survival kit here.

A Spanish designer who goes by the name Designer at Deep, has created a personal packaging design concept for those tortured and frustrated employees, who wish their boss was dead. It is basically a survival kit for those who love their job and don't want to quit, just because of an abusive boss. Take a look!

Inside the kit, you will find various tools by which you can torture your boss......literally has crabby pills, tickle generator, ethanol. The kit also comes with a instruction pamphlet which tells you how to use the tools effectively. I wonder where they sell this kit!!!!

via DesignTaxi
via Designerat Deep


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