My most popular blog so far has been my post on gift wrapping, so I thought of doing another one, before I move on to the new year....

This is a very basic DIY gift wrapper. We all have brown paper in our nearby stationary store, all we need is few satin ribbons and faux flowers.
I always like to personalize the gift wrappers. I like friends and family to receive gifts with my signature style or with something different than what you get in the shops. I found this below idea to be very beautiful.

If you have any old books or magazines at home you can easily use to pages to wrap the gifts. You can also highlight the message you want to give to them. If its a boyfriend or a husband, you can scribble some romantic poetry onto the wrappers. This is what I call a personalized gift. The value of anything can be increased to a billion, just by few words of love and kindness.

A simple and very effect gift wrapping which tinkles your sense of smell. You can put any type of herb or fresh flower to intensify the aroma of your gift.

A photo gift idea could also be so brilliant. I would never throw the wrappers away!

I know this can be a little tough but if you can manage wooden buttons, there is nothing like it. Small wooden buttons, jute rope and plain white paper, these are the things needed for an extremely classic gift wrapper with a touch of rustic flavour.

Great ideas require great minds and not great money. Remember guys you can make even a very small thing interesting and clever just with a little bit of mental exercise. Just glue anything to your wrapper......children's toys, shells, a leaf, piece of wood, just the things we have in our home. All you need is THINGS FROM SCRATCH and a CAREFREE IMAGINATION.


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