Christmas for me was always a very happy and cheerful event, filled with joy and laughter and sparkles ans Santa Claus and lots of Christmas movies on TV. Although I had a chocolate filled Christmas, the day in our family didn't go very well as my Grandma's health was not good. She is 93 and things are looking not so good for her. After a day of cleaning poop and making my granny wear adult diapers, I had down with a hot cup of Darjeeling tea and a dark chocolate cake from Kookie Jar. It was the most comforting thing ever.

Tea Tasting in Darjeeling - 21 by Stéphane Barbery, via Flickr

Here are ten things on my two favorite comfort food that I really like.

1. Exciting and minimalist tea packaging by Pentagram. Its for Teabox, they have really innovative tea blends.

2. Tea Coasters reveal fish when heated.

3. Lai Wai series, I loved the bowl, perfect for a green tea or stress tea.

4. Time travel with tea with this Tea Steeper.

5. My favorite bakery of Kolkata.

6. I also love the cakes from another famous bakery at Kolkata. Their breakfast here is quite famous in our city.

7. I love this tea bag, its so beautiful.

8.Tea sipping on the road can be a very interesting experience. Tea in West Bengal is served in "Bhad", a small clay cup. My lips always get stuck while sipping tea in a clay cup. :p

9. At cheerful times, there is nothing like a British afternoon tea with 3 tier snacks of course!

10. Beauty products with tea tree. It is highly effective for me as I have a lot of acne problem. This is what I use.

I hope you had fun.....
P.S. My grandma left for her heavenly abode as I was writing this blog. May her soul be at peace.


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