Talk about flowers.................I always get happy when I see flowers around me. Its so inspiring. Recently I got invited to many weddings and the one thing I noticed was how floral jewellery are becoming increasing popular in the "gaye holud" or "mehendi" ceremony.

When I was little, I remember my mother telling me that how she loved jewelries made of flowers and how she wanted to wear them someday. Sadly her wish remained unfulfilled.

Floral jewelleries are huge in weddings. Earlier it was mostly used by the Islamic communities but nowadays many are adopting to wear them on their mehendi or haldi ceremony. I mean who wouldn't want to bloom on their wedding day!

This company offers handcrafted floral jewellery

We Bongs have also started wearing them and we look so pretty, just like "Maa Lakhshmi"!!!!!!

I am not so much in love with the flowers but I like her saree

I absolutely adore this look!

Inspired from Devdas!

Photo by Ataul Habib
Here are some more looks I absolutely love!

Love the style of floral bangles used here!

This is a wedding in Delhi, I really like the concept of a floral umbrella, especially if you are getting married in Spring!
Beautiful " phools" used on a Hath Phool
Can you imagine the aroma, the scent of these exquisite flowers! An adorned bride like this can consume your senses and fill your heart with the purest form of love.

Simple yet so elegant! Orchids rule!

Let tinkle your sense of smell a little more!

This bride is from Bangladesh and what an amazing use of "Calendula", I think that whats its called, not very sure.

I really like her jewelleries here starting from the "Rani haar" to the "jhapta" and the "kamarbandh"
Grumpy bride but love her earring! Maybe she doesn't like them!
This is a real wedding covered by the WedMeGood.........i feel like drowning in her veil....
This "jhapta" is not only for the bride but for her friends and sisters as well...so chique
Beautiful roses adorns her forehead, ears and neck. Oh! the enchanting scent!

For these occasion I think Jasmine and Roses are best to satisfy the sense of smell, along with Tuberose, which is very commonly used in our weddings. Exotic flowers like orchids have become very popular nowadays.

Don't you love the smell of jasmine flowers.....................these are of course Arabian Jasmine or "Bela" flower.

And finally, my post is not over yet, I saved the best for the last......a type of side belt kind of thing made totally of flowers. Take a look!

I am not really crazy about the look, but I love the concept of it. It can also be made in a different way with much much more use of flowers.
I have decided that "IF" I get married..........."IF" (big question), I would definitely adorn a floral look for my "gaye holud" ceremony. There is nothing better than to adorn yourself with the blooms of mother nature for the journey of a new life!

Good luck for all the brides out there!


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