I have been super busy past few months designing men's and women's collection for the Mipel Fair at Milan, so naturally less work at my blog. However I just want to draw your interest into ten things that recently caught my eye.

1. Nissan developed self parking cars!! What an idea sirji!

2. TASTY provides easy recipes at your disposal.

3. VIR DAS, en extremely talented actor/director/comedian. Do watch his latest video on "India"

4. One of my favorite bloggers! Shes truly an inspiration!

5. A funny and inspiring speech by Gaur Gopal Das of ISKCON.

6. Noida company Freedom 251 launches smartphone at INR 251.00 only!!! OMG! Over 6 million bookings have been done in a minute.

7. Fifty Shades Darker trailer.

8. Game of thrones hair tutorial.

9. Van Gogh Paintings in real life!

10. Best dressed in Oscars 2016

Hope you like it! Stay tuned for more....................


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