Oh! the awesome crunch!

The humble potato could not have been more wise than in the form of "Aloo Bhaja". Aloo Bhaja is a Bengali word which means fried potatoes. The glory of Bengali food actually lies in aloo bhaja. The richness of pungent mustard oil and the soft yet crispy texture of the potatoes unites Bengalis all around the world.

Home made Aloo Bhaja in all its glory
A good tasty spread of aloo bhaja usually reminds me of my mom. She had a touch of magic whenever she cooked this dish. It was so perfect in every way. I wished I could cook like her, but something is always missing.

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja

Another way my mother made aloo bhaja was to fry it with spices. The culinary term would be "Bombay Potatoes" but she made it the best Bong Potatoes you will ever get! We just love mom-made food, don't we!

Boiled Potatoes fried with spices

I like my aloo bhaja with everything, rice, bread, chapatis....... although the most simple and comforting food for me is boiled rice, aloo bhaja and dal with curry leaves. It soothes your soul and calms you down in the most upsetting moment. When I come home exhausted or have a fight with someone, this is the food for me. Everyone should try it, its divine!

The Bengali style round cut style!

One of my friend recently compared aloo bhaja to Taj Mahal. If something was missing from India, it would be Taj Mahal and if something is missing from Bengali food, it would be aloo bhaja. Astonishing yet true!

Spiced Potatoes

I like my Aloo Bhaja fried in pungent mustard oil. You can simply cook it in oil with salt and turmeric or add a little twist to it. Often that twist is addition of peanuts and curry leaves which adds an extra crunch and has a pop of flavours in your mouth.

Recently, I found a very nice video which states the type of a way to cook a potato. One of the divine ways was of course to fry it :).........But I liked the the cooking ways in general. I hope you will like them too!

P.S. All the photos above are courtesy of Instagram and Pinterest. None of them are my personal photos. I simply could not wait patiently to take a photo and then eat. Whenever aloo bhaja was made, I pounced on it like a hungry tiger. Several attempts were made but all futile!....:P

Awesome aloo quote!  :D You can get it here.



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