Today is Eid!!! Hip Hip!!! I am sure everyone knows all about Eid-Al Adha or The Feast of Sacrifice and if you don't know please Google it up, don't look for information in this post.

This post is all about the cool make up you can do this Eid Holiday. Now I am super excited to write this post because I am going to talk about an amazing make up artist, Melissa Samways. She is from Brazil and a Sigma Brand Ambassador.

I have always been interested in make up, from a very young age. I use to dress up my Barbie dolls using water colour and then ruin their faces........:P At a later stage I learnt how to use make up properly. Although I don't wear make up everyday, I love to put it on.

I found Melissa just about last year on You Tube (I know I'm very late), while looking some of Zukreat's videos and I simply loved her. She is a perfectionist and does flawless makeup. Today I read an interview of her and found many of my own traits to be in her. Melissa, you just became my favorite person in the whole world. Your struggle made you the person you are and you are amazing. Always stay blessed.....

See below some of her looks..............and I also love the earrings she wears in her videos, so gorgeous....

You can connect with Melissa here:




Happy make up - ing....................and do not forget Eid is about humility, forgiveness and prayers, so don't get carried away by my post!.:P


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