The Wikipedia defines Love as a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection. It also says that Love may be understood as a function to keep human beings together. But what it fails to mention that it also fades away.

If you have read my earlier post on Love, you might have noticed how “in love” I was when I wrote it. But alas! It was not meant to be. I must say people who manage to stay with one partner with their whole life are extremely lucky. There are very few of course, almost you can count them. But they are there.

They are there to remind us that hope is still there and although Loves fades away, it can be found again.

My post today is not going to be how I lost my Love, because it brings back a lot of painful memories. Rather it is how I found Love again. (Let me also tell you that my partner doesn’t know it yet, because honestly, I am scared to death and right now my faith is not bigger than my fear....)

Many of you might be wondering why I am writing this on my blog where the whole world knows, but I am scared to tell him. Well that’s because he doesn’t read my blog, so I’m safe! :P

Here’s a little about him....................we met in a very unusual way and very unexpected. We share the same views, goals, ideas, so naturally we gel-ed very well. But there’s a lot more to him than just having similar views. 
I am very happy when I am with him and there is something about him that makes me do things I have never done before.

My last relationship took away a huge part of me and with him, I seem to be getting it back little by little. He inspires me! And I think we all deserve Love, but the reason why I don’t want to tell him right now because the feeling of deserving Love has always been an obstacle for me. So even if he doesn’t fall in love with me, I’ll still love him. (Sounds pathetic right!). But this is me and just for once, my love is not conditional. What I say about him and what I do is born out of pure feeling of love and affection. I expect nothing in return.

Here are few short lines of love that depicts the way I feel.........I hope someone will be able to identify with the feeling that I feel right now!.................(so scared! I just hope this lasts!)


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