The chandelier at ICKON in Kolkata.

As I struggle to come out of the Durga Puja hangover, I write this blog just to remind myself of the piling work at my desk. I look at the work list and I then I LOOK AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN AGAIN. I will definitely start after this. But till then this what I discovered during my holidays.

1. This song speaks of unrequited love, those who have experienced it will know it deeply. 

2. A classic cocktail that made my holidays.

3. An awesome movie that me and my sister enjoyed after a long time.

4. My boyfriend is in love with this. No offense Kevin, but I wish it was me!!!!(pfff)

5. In order to gain anything, you must first loose everything - The Buddha. Let us sow some light into our lives by this documentary.

6. My favorite lipstick colour has always been red. Now there is a movie on it..:p

7. I grew up on this cartoon series and I was blown away by the new movie made in 2016. I loved it, every bit of it!!!!! If you are a fan, you can also see their website, which has the old and the new versions.

8. I am a little hung up on spirituality. So I spent quite a few of my days at the ISCKON temple in my hometown, meditating and devouring their sumptuous vegetarian meals they had to offer.

9. My food craving at this time of the year is this.

10. MAC's new lipstick shades. Someone gift me one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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