Its wedding season and I have already been to a few of the invitations and what I noticed was in spite of all the awareness and good makeup artist, still I find the makeup of the bride us never up to the mark. I did my friend's wedding makeup last year because her make up artist was completely ruining the look. I know I am not a pro but I did good.

This was the final look of my friend, simple and light and yet a bride!!!

So basically in this post lets go over some look that you can do it yourself. Come on guys! its not rocket science.

First thing for any bride, would be contouring. Contouring involves a lot of blending and a lot of practice. So please watch this video, it has a very clear instruction on contouring techniques and trust me if you can master contouring, 60% of your makeup is done.

After you blend, comes the eye. I personally prefer to focus on the eye. I always had a fascination for them. A well drawn eye with the flutter of long false eyelashes has a lot of power to make someone fall for you. Here is some great eye make up compilations, I absolutely love it. I have tried out one and it turned out great!

Maya Mia is a self taught make up artist. If she can do it so can we!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a serious weakness for Arabic eye make , so above is another video.:D

Below is a video of real bride getting ready for her big day. You can clearly see the sparkle in her eyes. Her hair and makeup is amazing. Just take a look!

I have given some important makeup links that you guys would love to follow. Please click on their names, they have a whole lot of look waiting at their website. Have fun!

Sadaf Wassan

Melissa Samways
My blog on Melissa is here

Maya Mia

My blog on Zukreat you will find it here.


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