A lover of tea always finds something to cheer themselves up, even in the most mundane times. A good warm cup of tea brings as much satisfaction as you would get in the arms of your lover. So imagination my joy when I found this.

By profession, I not only design hand bags and wallets but also smoking accessories, like cigar case, cigarette case and cigar humidors. A cigar connoisseur would know, that humidor is an essential accessory if you are serious about smoking. It keeps the cigar fresh and prevents it from getting moist. The rustic aroma of a cigar is kept intact inside these babies. 

Now imagine a tea humidor

├ůsa Eriksson-Ahuja and her London-based interiors company Lotusier has something unique to offer for tea drinkers – a humidor.  

This beautiful piece of art is handcrafted from sycamore wood and is specially designed to keep off light, moisture, heat and odor. The freshness of tea leaves are kept absolutely undisturbed. Now this is something worth of an investment.

Find more about this here and here.


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