Photo by Bill Saturo
My thirst for travel never ends and the more I look into National Geographic, the more my urge to wander increases. I can't wait to start my adventures.

I am so glad to see this post on Nat Geo. I remember I had written a blog on head wraps many days ago. Absolutely love it! You can see my posts here and here.

The trailer of the most awaited film.................

The most amazing website I found. I can truly connect with it. Its good to see that there are more people like me out there! You go girl!

Yep..........that's me!

Have any of you taken a personality test?........... I am an INTJ, one of the rarest! Ofcourse! has to be! why am I not surprised!
You can take the test here and here. Do tell me if you get surprised!

Clam Magazine #28 Muse: Mahany Pery Photography: Adriano Damas
Listening to this right now!.....Saturday mood.......mmmmm.....:P Missing someone special!

One of the best movies that I have recently seen. Simply marvelous! I am going to watch it again this weekend over a hot cup of green tea and some crispy soya chips!!!! (my weekend salvation)

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay Blessed.


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