The typical Indian mentality that stills prevails in 2017 India is "get married and have babies". When I look at myself, I am reminded of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". All I hear around me is "get married, get married and get married". I am twenty eight years old..........ohh no, wait.....I will be twenty nine this may, and I am a classically old women. Next year I officially dry out my ovaries......according to my aunts. PFFFF!!!!!

I am not against marriage, of course I want to get married someday. But I am against the stereotyped mind set that the society has for marriage. The moment you are married, you are expected to do certain things, dress up like a wife, cook like a "sanskari" wife, follow all ridiculous social norms and have babies ASAP! Its like you are leading someone else's life and that is frustrating. I wonder how women do it!

Why cant marriage be fun? My partner often says that marriage has rules which often changes people. This is true. I have witnessed the changing colours of many who were fun before but marriage made them more "wifey". Although my partner is against the idea of marriage and I say again, I am not. I want to marry him but be fun, like now, when everything still has its charm, and we look each other like boyfriends and girlfriends......... Unrealistic, you say? Well its possible, if both partners agree to work for it. At least its better than how society wants it to be. A burdened concept imposed for the sake of others.

Most men in India marry for sex. In case someone is not aware with the social scenario here, living with your boyfriend is still considered a taboo. Forget about sex before marriage........what is that?.

This ad will make you go ROFL!!!!!!!

I found a really interesting discussion here. Take a look! and we are on UNICEF guys! Although this UNICEF article talks about child marriage, we can all relate to it.

In my family I am infamous for this concept. All my relatives are currently asking me to "settle down" with a "good" guy. The "good guy" concept is highly overrated and only they know what "settle down" means!

If someone reads my blog regularly, one will know that I have gone through a serious damaging break up. Also I lost my mother in cancer. The loss struck me hard and I am still picking up the pieces. But I have a new boyfriend. I don't know whether we will be together in the future and I don't expect that he will ever marry me ever. The only reason I am in a relationship with him is that he gives me peace. He makes me smile and I feel happy every time I talk to him or see him. He is also a big source of inspiration in my life. This is how it should be even after marriage.

I think I have said enough. Get married, have fun and break the rules! Don't be boring. Try to make marriage like the relationship goals, we see on Instagram pages. I know everyday will not be like that, but major part of it is possible. Wouldn't hurt if we tried.


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