Alfred Eisenstaedt - spaghetti factory, 1932

There is something about eating a spaghetti which I always love. A simple earthy rustic food can give so much pleasure to the taste bud. I spent the last day of this year eating a bowlful of spaghetti and an absolutely sinful chocolate cake. The comfort and the love that I felt was so much of my own. No matter who we are with or how we spent our time. our own love for ourselves matters the most in the end.

Boys carrying spaghetti in Naples, 1929

One of my absolute favorite actors of Hollywood Golden era loved Spaghetti so much, that she packed some in her suitcase, while she would travel. You can find her recipe here. One of my goals this weekend is to try out her recipe of Spaghetti.


For those who have "Eat Pray Love", tell me, is any any satisfying scene than Julia Roberts eating her spaghetti. The moment you see the tender slurp and the soft bite of the pasta, you feel as if you are eating it yourself. Its bonding time. There is this small light of hope that your heart might be whole again, that you might fall in love again without the fear of loosing and in that small hope you want to live again, to eat again! This is what makes us happy. Food gives hope.

You can get the recipe here.

Photo by Giuliano Hazan

With tomato and basil sauce

I made spaghetti this weekend. It was a humble recipe involving tomatoes, chicken and basil. I loved the friendly concoction. But my father hated it! The first thing that he said is "where is the spice? you should have added some chat masala in it!"...................some people never change. So it is up to me to say to myself .....cheers! well done!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures! This is something that I have to work on, taking more beautiful clicks.

The most gorgeous mess I have ever seen! This website has mouth watering photos of pasta that make you hungry for more.:P I am going to make this next.
Photo by Elizabeth

And...... yes, I did try to teach my Grandma, how to eat spaghetti and this is what happened!

The best restaurants serving Spaghetti in my city is right here.


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