While all of you are heading for the weekend, I am preparing for more work. This month has been a roller coaster ride and many such months are yet to come. I have just got a small window to share what I am into these days.

The above image basks in simplicity and beauty. You can find their products here.

Busy work days should be filled with coffee and pizza. For those of you who has been reading my blog should know that I am not much of a coffee lover. My new found love for coffee grew after my new found love for my partner.

Love takes a whole new level when you read this. The true image of pure unconditional love.

My acne seems to be improving, thanks to this. Also apple cider vinegar works really well when used as a toner.

My current comfort food. In love with this slurpy concoction. I cant wait for a bowl of this to get cozy in my bed.:P

This was my mother's favorite childhood dessert. I can still feel the excitement and joy in her senses when she saw this.

Summer to me is start of smoothies for breakfast. For a few days I am having just mango smoothies but in the next few weeks want to add in some other fruits and vegetables, increase the nutrition bar. Just found this on the internet. I will be on this for the next one week I guess.
Another simple smoothie recipe you can find it here.

This I need to watch.

Disney princes in real life. Droooooooolllllll.

Currently I am working for their brand...:D



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