Its raining in Kolkata. We have all got so much relief from the burning heat. (Thank you God!). This weather reminds me of a hot cup of Masala Tea, something we Indians are famous for. Ever since it rained, my craving for Masala Tea has increased! I am literally Googling new ways to spice it up. The more warmth, the better. I cant tell you, the satisfaction I am getting in "Googling" right now!...:P

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This morning horrible tea made at our factory too tasted better. Weather has such an effect on humans! It can lift up yours spirits and take you to a whole level of a person. Anyways, coming back to tea.......all this "Googling" has led me to a discovery of a brand, I cant wait to try. They have really cool names for tea, and they are also on Instagram

P.C. Chai  & Mighty

I had my birthday last week and unlike every year, it was an exceeding dull and regular day. I had hoped to give myself some tea blends as a birthday present. I went to this website and found something very interesting. It has a quiz called the Tea Finder. It helps to find your taste in teas. I got a selected of nine different teas. Lets order and find out, if the quiz really works!

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One of blogs that I follow, mentioned about a certain kind of tea. Well amazon India, doesn't sell the same brand, but maybe I will try the same in a different name. How many of you like Cinnamon?

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This smoke coming out of hot piping tea is so comforting. I don't know if everyone gets a smell, but there is a sweet scent of Green tea that I really love. Its soothing, calming, relaxing, everything that moves your senses to peace.

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Green Tea and Tulsi Tea are my favorite. It has very calming effects on me and good for those who want to loose weight. Believe me, when I come home tired, packed with a headache, this saves my day. Herbal blends are also very good on your nerves. Be sure to try them. The brewing is very important of course! You have to play with the amount and brewing time according to what you prefer. This is the secret of a good tea! Lao Tzu said "Tea is the elixir of life"!

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My other articles on tea are here and here. Have fun reading!


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