Freunde von Freunden — Melih Özuysal — Artist, Apartment, Istanbul-Ortaköy

1. The perfect designer job. I wish I had a job to paint all day.

2. My diet has now been mostly boiled. Recently I cooked this and it was divine ( I didn't use any wine though). I had an amazing experience de-stressing with this poached chicken. I used the chicken stalk as soup. You can also add ginger and soy to it, to add a Chinese touch. It is simply delicious. 
The day I find Ginseng, I am also going t make this.

3. One of my favorite documentary so far.

4. Its been a week and its working!!!!!! This is a big hit on the web now and I can see why. My skin has improved a bit within a week of trying it out. I highly recommend this. 
P.S. I don't use the products of the same company as shown here. I used what is suitable to my skin, be it a moisturizer, or toner or mask.

5. My recent purchase.

6. Some of my designs are selling (More on next few pages). Proud me! 

7. Top personal care products of May.

8. I love illustration. This artist has literally spoken my mind. Nothing better than to illustrate on food!.

9. Beautiful modern minimalist jewellery. Just to think an animal could give you so much inspiration!

10. I tried this recently. I was very surprised that I would get such an innovative product here at my hometown, but I did.
I must say its quite a bargain and tasty too!


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