Recently, there has been a lot of hue and cry in my life regarding who I am or rather the way I am. Few days back I met one of my senior ex colleagues and the first reaction I got from him, was not, 'How are you?' or anything like that, but 'There you are, you still talk so less, why are you always so quiet? You really should start talking more".

This post is for them, the genuinely stupid people who have a hard time accepting people, who are different from them. Note to them: Introverts are not shy people and no, they are not anti social. We can talk for hours, but with like minded people. We are not interested in small talk so please don't bother.

I feel the society should really educate themselves. Here we are, talking about the varieties of life, but when the variety comes, people are too busy to make everyone like themselves. The difference in us , is what makes it interesting, respect that. I have also talked about acceptance in my older post. Its been a long time since then and its quite saddening to see that the scenario is still the same.

This quote is the classic one, how many of you get this?

Now, this is not something I faced recently, but I face this quite often. Here's the thing, for all those people who read my blog and know me personally, accept me the way I am or be gone. I am what I am an if you cannot deal with it, then I think its best to leave. 
P.S. I don't give a shi*t!

Among all these negative things, I have also found some really good things. I am glad to see that there are more communities for the quiet ones, where they can mingle and share their ideas! I am so grateful to those created them. One of my best gal is right here. You can also buy her first book. There is also a fun colouring book by her, you can get it here. I wish I could get these on Flipkart!

Some more communities are this and this.

Thanks ebay for this

This is who we are and this is who we like to be. Respect that and you will earn our respect! Happy Weekend everyone!


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