I am a Hindu by birth, but Buddhism always attracted me. The humble practice teaches us to be humans first and them take on religion. This is the best part. It does not demand the worship of God, unlike other religion. All religions say the same thing, but to me Buddhism teaches you a whole new level. Peace, love, compassion are things we need the most now. The forgotten and the most powerful tool of all. 

This is from a beautiful website I found. Please take a look. It has some great inspiring lines

It also teaches you to love yourself, your soul. 

This is something I really want to believe. I have lost so much of it and to be honest I don't know if I am it getting it back! But these lines are definitely inspiring. It keeps me hopeful but without expectation.

I find much of the basic principles of transcendental meditation in it. I have learned meditation from my Guru and the more I read and learn about Buddhism, the more I appreciate it. The basic principal of this type of meditation is Physics. Albert Einstein explained it very well. I have seen evidence of it, but I am yet to create a bigger picture. I guess I need more practice.

I am a very lost person. I was never like this but certain situations tear you apart and you take a lifetime gluing them. You loose trust and hope and then you are finished. I don't know what the future holds, but I like to stay positive. I always look for answers. I do get some but there are so many unanswered prayers. It is but human nature to worry because of these unanswered prayers and that creates all the more trouble I believe. We begin to worry and so many negative thoughts come into our head and we ask, " What is happening?" "Why is this happening?" "Will it never stop?".....

These are the moments when we become restless and cling onto something, to anything, that which gives us the slightest ray of hope, that you are well taken care of. 

I cling on to meditation, I learn more about Buddhist practices and anything that gives me some precious moments of peace.

I saw a documentary on this few days earlier. It taught me great deal. Most importantly when we go through subjects like these, our faith is restored. We are rediscover who we are and in a way we reassure our soul that everything will work out in the end. :)

There are others as well, worth a listen.

Food for thought!


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