A failed relationship often opens your eye and forces you to learn and accept certain things. It may be the way you are or how things are as opposed to what things should be. The relationships that I usually see in front of me, has a lot of issues. But the foremost being not understanding each other. Not being able to understand each other's needs as an individual.

I am sure all of you have read or at least heard  "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus".  It is a good book. It shows the basic difference of how men and women take on relations and how this difference can be cherished. However, certain people are born with this talent and dont need a book to survive! That is where INTJs come. Trust me, all of you dating an INTJ needs to know this.

For those who have been reading my blog will know that I am an introvert. Since childhood I have been taught how I should overcome this nature of mine, that introverts are weird and can stumble and fall in the fast pace of life. I have been criticized, blamed, labelled and the list goes on. I am sure many of whom who are like me, will understand what I am talking about. But let me tell you, real power comes when you accepting who you are. 

It took me a while to understand this. In my past relationship and even in my family this is not a quality that is well accepted. It is generally looked down upon. Naturally you can think the scenario in which I was raised. Recently, when my partner came into my life, he showed me to be who I am and accept myself the way I am. Its not that I didn't know me before. Its just that, I didn't believe myself. I didn't think anyone could accept me the way I am. Little did I know that accepting starts with yourself.

This is why I mentioned John Gray's book. Acceptance can make you go a long way. People are born different, cherish it, understand it!

Men and women with INTJ personality are able to do this. They respect individuality and let you be who you are. This is their strongest point and I think this also forms a very important part of any relationship.

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