I wanted to do this post for a long time about sustainable fashion. It is basically Eco friendly and ethical fashion and anything Eco friendly is taking the world by storm. "Eco friendly" because it grows organic and ethical because it is not manufactured in sweat shops. 

People as becoming more aware. Organic is "in trend". So lets just say, this is important.

Are you a conscious consumer?

In my country, our Prime Minister recently promoted sustainable fashion focusing on hand looms and hand made items. Our new tax reforms effective from July 2017 has the masses asking for more sustainable goods. Taxes have reduced, focusing on more hand made goods which are not only Eco friendly but provide a special inter personal relationship with the artisans who make it.

There is something called the "Fashion Revolution", which says......

The revolution encourages every consumer to ask this question. Know who made it, how they are made? Is it harming the environment? It talks about ethics and taking it into action. We are humans and humanity needs to establish itself in everything that we do or wear. Read more about it and join the movement here.

How many of you still have your childhood dresses with you? The clothes that you wore when you were a few months old? When you take them out and see them you feel so nostalgic!!! I still have my woolen clothes which my Grandma knitted with her own hands. They are so precious, when I touch them, take them in my hand, I can almost see my Grandma smiling at me. I can sometimes smell her. These are the feelings we want back. Our clothes are not just a commodity but something we tie our feelings and emotions with.

Now, many of you may wonder how does sustainable fashion do that! Well, use of such a product would mean that your clothes would last longer. Our human nature makes us connect with anything that stays with us for a longer period of time. So every time I see my baby cloth, I hold on to it, because I wore it when I was just a few months old!  I was literally the size of a 13 inch laptop...........How cool is that! lol

Saved from JOOJOO AZAD. What a great website!.

Vogue listed few brands who have really cool designs. Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be drab and boring.

Few Indian brands you can find it here. I especially like number two and six.

Here are some more.

What I have discussed so far, is only the basics of it. However if you want more information, please visit the links I have provided. There is simply no end to knowledge. Also, a very good guide would be COSSAC. Please check them out. They educate you with a lot of information regarding Eco Fashion.


Did you know!


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